Loving Clara Schumann

Passion. Heartbreak. Hope -- Experience the captivating, remarkable story of the groundbreaking and multi-faceted artist Clara Schumann in a staged journey through her life and relationships with Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms.

Features: 2 vocalists, 2 dancers, 1 pianist, 15-piece orchestra, projections, costumes.


Audience Testimonial

"Antoine's descriptions of the music are always greatly enjoyable and his personal nature is very welcoming which allows the audience to simply relax and enjoy the music."  


Baroque Vocal Fireworks

Witness the fiery passion of Handel, Vivaldi, and other masters as they push the human voice to the extremes of emotional expression. Mercury performs baroque favorites along with renowned vocalists for an unforgettable experience. 

Features: 1-2 vocalists, 24-piece orchestra.


Beethoven's Fifths

Mercury performs two works that set Beethoven apart from all other composers—his epic Fifth Symphony and soaring Emperor Concerto. This concert offers the rare chance to hear these beloved masterpieces on period instruments. 

Features: 1 Pianist, 42-piece orchestra.

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