Henry Purcell

Funeral Music for Queen Mary, Z.58c & Z. 860


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Requiem in D minor, K. 626 (Süssmayr ed.)

Featured  ARTISTS

Antoine Plante, Conductor

Hannah Celeste Lu, Soprano
Sarah Mesko, Alto
Aaron Sheehan, Tenor
Stephen Hegedus, Bass

Houston Symphony Chorus Chamber Ensemble
Betsy Cook Weber, Director

Seating Alert

To avoid disruption, patrons arriving after the concert has begun will be held in the Green Room during the first half (the Purcell).  Please allow extra time to find parking and your seat for this full house.


Approx. 1 hr 45 min, with intermission


7:15pm, in the Cullen Theater

A masterpiece that must be experienced live

A must-see for any music lover, Mozart’s final composition is a profoundly moving work, brimming with drama, hopefulness and redemption.  Now, experience Mozart’s unforgettable music with the instruments he would have written them for in his own time – to truly experience his genius.

This concert is made possible in part by Haynes & Boone LLP, The Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation, Houston First, the Houston Endowment and the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance. 

Although the stories behind its composition are fascinating, what makes this piece so special is its profound quality. Death is a subject that inspires composers and audiences alike with its mystery, terror, but also its reconciliation and even comfort. The beautiful text of the Requiem mass becomes so powerful when supported by Mozart’s glorious music. It really makes this piece one of my favorites to perform.
— Antoine Plante, Artistic Director



Violin I

Jonathan Godfrey, Concertmaster

Anabel Ramirez-Detrick
Noel Martin
Nayeon Kim*
Boson Mo
Edson Scheid*



Oleg Sulyga
Andrés González
Kana Kimura
Maria Lin
Hannah Watson


Yvonne Smith
Matthew Carrington
Toma Iliev*



Michael Unterman
Courtenay Vandiver Pereira
Julia Sengupta



Deborah Dunham
Paul Ellison


*Juilliard Fellow


Richard Brown



Christopher Holman




Thomas Carroll
Elise Bonhivert



Nate Helgeson
Georgeanne Banker



Joshua Cohen
Amanda Pepping



Greg Ingles
Erik Schmalz
Bodie Pfost
Mack Ramsey



Julia Hall
Jennifer Harris
Austin Hart
Jen Hart
Megan Henry
George Howe
Jillian Hughes
Sylvia Hysong
Sean Jackson
David Jones
Christopher Kersten
Julie Kutac

Cris Bocanegra
Jonathan Bordelon
Pat Bumpus
Troy Burnett
Elizabeth Chrisman
Nicole Colby
Kevin Di Filippo
Anna Diemer
Randy Eckman
Raul Enriquez
Julia FitzGerald
Chase Gaines

Jarrod Martin
Ben May
Melissa Medina
Saleel Menon
Jim Moore
Shelby Murphy
Theresa Olin
Alexandra Parkin
Charnele Pendarvis
Kody Pisney
Karen Ramirez
Jessica Rangel

Gabriel Rio
Doug Rodenberger
Jeff Simmons
Miriam Stafford
Cecilia Sun
Elizabeth Taylor
Yen-Kuei (Peter) Tu
Lori Wagner
Brady Weldon
Kat White
Lance Wilcox
Lee Williams




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