In-School Performances

Bring Mercury musicians into your school for 45-minute engaging and interactive performances.  Appearances can be booked to do two back-to back performances designed for up to 300 students each show to maximize reach.

Teachers get an experience that:

  • Adapts to meet your school's needs

  • Features curriculum-connected study guides

  • Provides guidance on how to extend the lessons to your classroom

Students get an experience that:

  • Allows them to interact with our musicians

  • Introduces a new musical performance style

  • Demonstrates collaborative teamwork

  • Encourages creative thinking

Performances available during the Spring semester.  For scheduling and pricing please contact our Education Manager, Andrés González, at or 713.533.0080.  


What’s on Ben Franklin’s Ipod?

Ever wonder what would have been on our Founding Fathers’ iPods? What kind of music did they listen to when they wanted to relax from the pressures of steering the birth of our country? Mercury has the answer! 

This program allows students to jam with Founding Fathers and Revolutionary heroines portrayed by Mercury musicians, hearing the favorite tunes of Ben Franklin and more, while learning about democracy and the people who helped create our nation. Students take sides in the musical presidential debate between Jefferson and Adams and vote in the general election of 1796!

"What’s on Ben Franklin’s iPod?" includes TEKS points for each grade level as well as a detailed Study Guide for teachers to share with students prior to the performance.

  • Historical introduction to the Founding Fathers and the music of their time

  • Features the music of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and more

  • Q&A with musicians

Where in the World is Mercury?

  • Students help solve a mystery while visiting cultural hotspots around the world

  • Contextualizes geography and culture with music

  • Features music of Handel, Benjamin Britten, and Claudio Monteverdi

It's All Relative!

  • Science and music side-by-side

  • Interactive experiments to introduce the science of Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein and more

  • Features music of Handel, Benjamin Britten, and Claudio Monteverdi

Shakespeare vs Cervantes

  • Introduction to important works of these literary contemporaries

  • Features music by Vivaldi and Telemann

  • Q&A with musicians


Join Mercury musicians on a musical quest to learn about Baroque music and some of the instruments that were used at the time, including a real harpsichord!  Students will have fun listening for and identifying the calls of different animals as conceived by composer Heinrich Ignaz von Biber (1644-1704) in his Sonata Represenstativa.  Animalia will develop aural skills while teaching students about music, creativity, and above all, using your imagination!

  • Hear animals in Sonata Representativa by Baroque composer Heinrich Biber

  • Get an up-close look at a harpsichord!

  • Q&A with musicians


Thank you to the Texas Commission on the Arts for their financial support of this program.

If you would like to support this program, please donate today!