Denis Plante

Director, Bandoneon
Schubert’s Winterreise and Bach & Piazzolla

The creator of last season’s original staged presentation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with David Rainey, as well as audience favorites Bach & Piazzolla and The Crimson Prince, Denis Plante has long been a partner in Mercury’s creative endeavors. His unusual career as a performer and com­poser has made him THE bandoneón artist in Canada, and an exceptional figure in contemporary tango on the world scene.   Denis is frequently invited to perform as a soloist with symphony orchestras or chamber-music ensembles. A spiritual son of Astor Piazzolla, he has enriched the bandoneón repertoire with dozens of works capturing the essential pulse of the tango. He has recorded seven CDs of his work, com­posed two operas and a ballet, and has been awarded the title of Creator of the Year by Quebec’s Art Council and an Opus prize for best Global album.

He has previously performed with Mercury on numerous productions including The Crimson Prince, American Skies, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Schubert’s The Miller’s Daughter, and Debussy & Ravel: The Flowers of Evil.