Beiliang Zhu

Principal Cello

Dear readers, instead of listing my past accomplishments in third person, I am going to use this opportunity to communicate with you what really matters to me as a performer. 

When I walk onto the stage, I often wonder: what does music mean to everyone here? It is many things to me: a reflection of the present, a recollection of the past, a comforting hug in sadness, a cheerful toast in celebration, or even a sweetener for a slightly tart strawberry. As an introvert, I have connected with the world in ways far beyond what my social skills allow because of music. When the music fills a room, everyone present enters a new dimension in the space-time and is permitted to create a world as they please. When I hear music, I see stories, perhaps the composers’ stories, my own, someone else’s, or simply fairy tales that are conjured up by the magic of sound waves. And you, my lovely audience, are part of my story as much as I am part of yours right now. Time stops as the heartbeat echoes. 

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